Fresh Salmon

Living only two years, Pinks are the smallest of the Pacific salmon, weighing up to 5 lb. (2.3 kg).

They have heavily spotted backs over silver bodies. Pink salmon are the most plentiful of the five species. They have a delicate flavour & light flesh colour.

A blue-tinged silver in colour, Sockeye salmon live four to five years and weigh up to 7 lb. (3.2 kg).

They are the slimmest and most streamlined of the five species of Pacific salmon. It is the most sought-after salmon species due to its rich flavour & firm deep red flesh.

Pacific West coast Salmon are fished off the coast of Vancouver islands and caught by boats with hooks and line.

The practice used to catch these succulent fish is as traditional as it is sustainable.

The use of multiple hooks staggered on a line ensures that the fish caught stays alive in the water until the line is pulled on the boat.

The Salmon are all Whole, Gutted and Cleaned.
There are 5 to 6 fish in every case.
The Cases are Styrofoam and packed with Gel packs between the fish.